Like most of you out there, we are a family. A family that works hard every day so we can play even harder. Having the Rocky Mountains as our back yard gives us endless opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy ourselves.  I remember the sheer joy of learning to ride a bike and all the fun it has brought me throughout the years.  Like so many of you out there, we were struggling to find a decent kids bike.  All the kids bikes are either super heavy or the size and geometry is all wrong or the components are junk or all the above, its frustrating!  Our son LOVES riding bikes and he was struggling with the bikes he had.  So we set out on a journey to see if we could build the better bike.  Tons of time designing, cutting, welding, testing, re-designing, more cutting, more welding, more testing have resulted in a pretty darn sweet ride!  Having seen our kids learn to ride bikes has taken the fun to a whole new level.  Seeing the frustrations they have encountered simply because of a poorly designed bike and how that takes the fun out of it for them has inspired me.  Why cant kids have a bike that is as good as mine?  They can!  Now with a bike that helps, not inhibits them, the fun is back and seeing them progress so much each time they ride is amazing, its like seeing them learn to ride their bike for the first time all over again.  Giving the kids a great bike lets them be as amazing as they want.  Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your kid have the confidence and reward from hitting a new line or completing an epic trail ride that they never thought possible.  Best of all, they are having the same fun on a bike that you do!